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South London Press, 6-4-01

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FANS of a world famous guinea pig expert have raced to his defense after Council plumbers claimed his 80 pets are too smelly...

Peter Gurney was featured in the SLP a fortnight ago after Lambeth council plumbers refused to repair his hot water cylinder for nine weeks, claiming the stench of his colony was too much to bear.

And the Clapham animal-lover, author of five books including guinea pig bibles 'Piggy Potions' and 'The Sex Life of a Guinea Pig', is STILL without hot water. Since our article letters of support have flooded in from furious fans - some from as far afield as Northern Ireland and Cornwall. One furious reader, Ms. Heather Wallace from Wandsworth, said: "Peter Gurney's animals live in guinea pig heaven," adding, "Each is known by name and personality and loved as an individual." Nevertheless, nine weeks without hot water have now become eleven, and Mr Gurney - who has taken in stray guinea pigs for the RSPCA - is still bathing in a bucket. He said: "After three months I've got used to it. Even if they apologised now I'm not sure I'd accept it. They seem to expect people to roll over, but they have picked on the wrong person this time." Mr. Gurney has contacted his solicitor after Lambeth council said last month it was considering reporting him to the RSPCA, and has contacted the local Government ombudsman about Lambeth's refusal to carry out the repairs. Lambeth says it will now wait for their own inspection service to examine the flat before a decision is made, but Mr Gurney has already invited the RSPCA to visit his home. A RSPCA spokeswoman confirmed it had used Mr Gurney before, though not recently.

A Lambeth council spokeswoman said: "Mr Gurney has asked us to send Lambeth's own inspection service to look at the flat. We are still looking for a contractor, outside our normal contractor range, who is willing to undertake the work but have so far been unsuccessful."



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